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THE REVIVAL of the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd dog

August 4, 2008
Author: Civ.eng. Deak Andrei Petru
Organizational Vice-president of Carpathian Club Romania – Carpatin Club Romania
Ciobanesc Carpatin
"Every nation has tried to preserve, develop, improve, or even to create one or more national dog breeds. The drive to do this was caused by a certain need and the urge of satisfying a natural pride, "-said Dr.G.Moldoveanu at the National Zootehnical Institute in the 6 edition of the “Carpaţii” magazine in 1937.
"A national dog", "The Romanian Shepherd Dog, “The Carpathian Shepherd Dog” are names that brought out a very fierce dispute, a real war of opinions, that no other breed had ever experienced before.
The chaos "materialized" in 1981, in Radauţi city; in that area, a standard was created based on molossoid type dogs. Those false specialists of the communist regime were not able to tell the difference between 2 different breeds nor 2 different types of dogs by assigning those molossoid type dogs the name: Carpathian. When the communist regime fell in December 1989 the Romanian spirit, which was chained for 40 years, truly started to live. Access to information, freedom of opinion and expression enabled those concerned to document and to express themselves on the national dog. But tribute has to be given to the efforts from previous years, because they turned out to be a major contribution.
Among those who had a particularly important role in promoting and forming the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog we note a passionate man from Turda city, Cluj county: Mr. Vasile Iclenzan. Settling in Bistriţa city, an area with strong tradition in sheep herding, he first examinated if the present population of shepherd dogs in the area was suitable to build a breed on. Any breed should have a direct origin, a history. Driven by the need to find some documents relating to "the Romanian dog, this keen on dogs searched and found documents, newspaper -and magazine articles, on the Carpathian Shepherd Dog in 1994, at the National Academic Library of Bucharest. These documents, which I referred to in previous articles, were the starting point for a selection core to revive the national dog breed. Due to this breakthrough Mr. Vasile Iclenzan established the first association purposing the breeding and promoting the national breeds in 1995.  It’s called: Foundation for Carpathian  and Mioritic Shepherd Dogs; "STRĂJERII”, based in Bistriţa. To find typical exemplars this man, who has dedicated much of his life to the Carpathian, went all over the country. He organized meetings in the communes of Bistriţa-Năsăud and in the valleys of Şieului, Ruştior, Budac, Bârgău, Someş, etc., where shepherds would come with their shepherd dogs. During those meetings some Carpathian exemplars which corresponded to the standard of 1934 were identified. These dogs were the base for the formation of the present blood lines. Among males that contributed big to the rebirth of the breed we remember: Bradu de Bârgău from the Mureş valley, Ursu Rebrişoara from Dâmboviţa, Haiduc from Vatra Dornei area, Vifor from Rucar -Argeş County, and those from Bistriţa-Năsăud: Ursu de Ruştior, Suru din Şieuţ, Bradu de Pietriş, Cindrel, Ben, etc. A symposium was organized in 1996 at The City House of Culture from Bistriţa, under the aegis of the "Străjerii” Foundation. Everyone who had anything to say about The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog was invited. In this debate there were also persons, who despite clear evidence of the Carpathian Shepherd Dog being a wolf-like (lupoid) type claimed otherwise.
In 1997, Mr. Vasile Iclenzan, Vet. Dorin Bilegan from Bistrita, Mr. Petru Muntean –international judge and a Serbian judge; Milivoje Urosevici manifested their intention to establish an association dedicated exclusively to the Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog. It was a prelude to the establishment of the National Breeders Club of The Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog on 29 March 1998: CNCCRCRC with its headquarters in Bistriţa. Financial support was provided by Mr. Vasile Bodea from Bistriţa. The club establishment was attended by representatives of the Romanian Kennel Club. The day after an exhibition of Carpathian Shepherd Dogs was organized, displaying an important number of exemplars; typical and uniform. Unfortunately in Carpathian Shepherd Dog exhibitions across the country there were grey, wolf-like dogs as well as some motley (white and black) molossoid type exemplars. The difference was obvious, and their presence in the same breed was very frustrating. There was fierce arguing between the two sides. The breeders from Bucovina region, proponents of molossoid type dogs had to face up to the extreme perseverance from leader Vasile Iclenzan, tireless supporter of The Carpathian Shepherd Dog.
He fiercely resisted the attacks; at the end the truth will overcome, that reality will be realized. His hope and believe remained, even when his tiring brothers in arms didn’t want to continue, when some betrayed him and even worse to mask their misery; they excluded him from the club he founded.
None the less the results of a rigorous selection have paid off. He led the efforts managing to impose a "pure type" very important core of dogs formed at Bistriţa with the support of other Bistriţian Carpathian owners. These dogs were also provided to breeders from other areas in the country. In fact, most of the dogs were bred by or came from dogs bred by Mr. Vasile Iclenzan. Even today’s breeders constantly "import" Carpathians from Bistriţa. Breeders are forced to seek in the work and selection of Vasile Iclenzan, which is why Mr. Vasile Iclenzan occupies a special place in the history and future of the Carpathian Shepherd Dog. Gradually, Bucovina breeders realized that their dogs of molossoid type can start a different breed, but they didn’t want to give up the name of Carpathian that easily. And so it happened that in 2001, an exhibition was organized where the two breeds both appeared under the names: the Carpathian Shepherd Dog of Bistriţa - correct type and the Carpathian Shepherd Dog of Bucovina - the molossoid type. Of course this treacherous situation could not remain; so on the historical date of March 29, 2002, the Technical committee of A.Ch.R. (the Romanian Kennel Club) convened all Romanian representatives of all breeds at a meeting. Where else than in Bistriţa city!
The meeting resulted, based on reality, that the motley molossoid type dogs, before belonging to the Carpathian breed, were separated and given the name: Romanian Shepherd Dog of Bucovina.
From that moment we can talk about 3 breeds in Romania: Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog, Romanian Carpathian Shepherd Dog and Romanian Shepherd Dog of Bucovina.
Finally it was nice and quiet. Is it? To be continued…
Author: Civ.eng. Deak Andrei Petru
Organizational Vice-president of Carpathian Club Romania – Carpatin Club Romania

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